How do I order a Kleta?

A Kleta bike can easily be ordered online. In a few steps, you create an account and choose the bike you want. You decide if you want to pick up your Kleta or if you want us to deliver it to your home. Your Kleta is ready within 24 hours but you decide when you want to start your subscription and receive your Kleta!

What is included in my subscription?

Your subscription includes your Kleta, our smart locks that protect your Kleta, our anti-theft guarantee and full maintenance in case your Kleta needs to be fixed.

Can I add accessories to my Kleta?

Yes, you can add a basket and a child seat to your Kleta.

Are there different subscription plans I can choose from?

You can choose between a monthly subscription, our 6 and 12 months plan.

Do I have to pay a deposit or a registration fee?

No, you don’t have to pay either a deposit or a registration fee. We want you to be as flexible as possible and only pay for what you are actually using so we decided not to charge any registration fee.

What is the difference between the monthly plan and our 6 and 12 months plans?

Apart from a discount that you receive if you subscribe for 6 or 12 months, these plans include the option to pause your subscription for 1 (6 months plan) respectively 2 months (12 month plan). You can use these pauses e.g. if you are on a long-term vacation and not using your Kleta. You won’t be charged when your subscription is paused.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription simply by contacting us via whatsapp or email. You need to let us know about the cancelation at least one week before your subscription renews.

You can obviously use your Kleta until the date of the termination.

What happens if somebody steals my bicycle?

Your Kleta comes with a smart lock system and unique tools that protect the most important parts of your Kleta. This means you can leave your Kleta outside, even at night!

Important is that you lock your Kleta at a bike parking stand (in the shape of a ‘U’ that can be found all over the city) and not at a fence, tree, or a road sign. If you always lock the bike properly, you don't have to worry about your bike being stolen. But in case it happens, our Kleta anti-theft guarantee is there for you. Proved your bike was locked properly, you only have to pay a €30 administrative fee as we will take care of the police report for you.

How can I prove I locked my Kleta properly?

We know you have locked your Kleta properly by showing us the key of the back lock. Locking the bike is the only way to get the key out of the lock. So don’t worry, you DO NOT have to take photos of your Kleta every time you park it!

What happens if my Kleta needs to be fixed?

If your Kleta needs to be fixed, you can contact us via Whatsapp, phone, or via our App. We will get to you as fast as possible and repair your Kleta on the spot. If we can’t fix your bike right away, we will make sure you get a working bike right away so you can continue to enjoy riding!

Usually we are able to fix your Kleta the same day you notify us but make sure that you won’t be without a working bike for more than 24 hours. We fix or replace your Kleta without any additional cost.

In which cities is Kleta operating?

We are currently operating in Barcelona but will soon be available all over Spain.If you are interested in a Kleta but live in a Spanish city other than Barcelona, please contact us and we will reach out to you promptly.

What is included in the Kleta App?

With our Kleta App you can report an incidence in the easiest and most efficient way. And you collect Koins for every km that you do on your Kleta that you can use on discounts and special offers from our connected partners!